Tokyo like every big city has its own collection of museums, landmark sites and amazing food you can gorge on but there are some things which you can do only in Tokyo, we bring you 18 things you need to do when you are in Tokyo

Cosplay Go-karting

Dressing up as your favourite anime character while you go-kart around the beautiful city of Tokyo should be featured as a must do in your list of things to do in Tokyo. You get to go-kart along with the usual traffic of the city so you would need an international driving permit in order to enjoy this activity

Robot Restaurant

While the Robot restaurant is not exactly a restaurant, it is worth visiting simply due to its uniqueness. Visiting the robot restaurant will make you go through an entirely new euphoria with robots, dragons, ninjas, instruments, complete with neon lights and music. You are sure to come out thoroughly entertained.

Ghibli Museum

A must-visit for any anime fan or even anyone who has seen the magical movies created by Ghilbi studio. The exhibits and animations are in Japanese but you undoubtedly be able to recognize many props and drawings from classic films like Spirited Away

Ramen Vending Machine Restaurant

Japan is known for its vending machines and why not, you can get so much of options and at the same time healthy and delicious food which is not comparable to vending machines available anywhere else in the world. The Ramen vending machines are must-try, where you can order Ramen of your choosing, give the ticket to the chef and wait for your order to be prepared. The vending machines are diet-friendly, you can choose from a range of vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian options.

Ginza District

Ginza District will provide you with a shopping experience like never before. It is the shopping destination in Tokyo and houses all types of stores from affordable to big retailers to luxury brands. You can also find traditional clothing and artefacts. You can also enjoy the various art exhibitions and amazing restaurants at Ginza.

The Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree or Tōkyō Sukaitsurī) is a communications and observation tower that rises out of the city’s Sumida district of Minato like a huge rocket ship. It is the country’s tallest structure and hosts an incredible panoramic view of restaurant and observation decks.


Odaiba is a mini-island situated on the Tokyo Bay and is a hub of entertainment, eateries and eye-catching architecture. Some of the area’s top attractions include the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and the relaxing Odaiba Seaside Park, which houses Tokyo’s own Statue of Liberty. Other attractions include the Legoland Discovery Center. DiverCity Tokyo Plaza and Decks Tokyo Beach.

Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is home to the Emperor of Japan and the royal family. The palace has a rich history being the residence for some of Japan’s most important figures, including Emperor Meiji (credited for modernizing Japan) and rulers during the Edo Period (the time period before Japan was modernized by Meiji). Due to its immense importance, admittance to the palace is limited and tourists can visit the palace only according to a strict application policy.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

There are a number of spots in Tokyo where you can enjoy views of the city skyline, but the best place for a free view is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku. The skyline of Tokyo is among the most breathtaking of skylines and a must-do activity in Japan.


Akihabara is heaven on earth for techies, known as Tokyo’s premier electronics district it has gadgets of all kinds found in booths on side streets and main street mega department stores. You can find the latest technology on the shelves, even the hard to find gadgets. The district also caters to serious gamers and anime lovers. You will be surrounded by gaming arcades as well as shops and street stalls selling comics and character figurines. Don’t be surprised if you spot a few cosplayers casually walking down the street.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is Japan’s answer to the infamous Eiffel Tower but it serves a practical purpose. The duo-toned, orange and white tower serves as a radio and television broadcasting structure supporting 62 miles of frequencies. The tower also has two observation decks, offering 360-degree views of Tokyo’s sprawling cityscape and comes equipped with guides pointing out notable buildings in the skyline. And if you visit on a really clear day, you’ll be able to spot Mount Fuji in the distance.

Rent A Private Karaoke Booth

Private Karaoke Booth is a popular activity which is popularised even in pop culture and is a fun activity you must try with your friends.

Attend A Sumo Tournament

Sumo tournaments form an important part in Japanese culture and witnessing a tournament is definitely something you should not miss out on.

Kawaii Monster Cafe

The cafe is an explosion of colour and vibrancy. You would be up for a visual treat and amazing food at this cafe.

Ninja Restaurant

It is a Ninja themed restaurant where unthinkable surprises and adventures await you. With Ninjas, swords and amazing food to complement the theme, you can not afford to not visit a Ninja themed restaurant

The Meiji Shrine

Dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken, the original structure was destroyed during WWII, it was rebuilt in 1958 and is one of Tokyo’s most important religious sites. The shrine is steeped in history and surrounded by luxurious greenery

Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge is a suspension bridge crossing between Shibaura Pier and the Odaiba waterfront. The towers supporting the bridge are white in colour, but it’s illuminated with lamps into three different colours, red, white and green every night using solar energy obtained during the day. This gives it an appearance of the rainbow and hence the name. Needless to say, its best to visit the bridge at night to enjoy the beautiful synergy of lights

Kimono Photo Shoot

Kimono and Japan are almost synonymous and leaving Japan without getting some amazing pictures wearing these loose-fitting traditional Japanese attire would be a shame. There are many places which exclusively do Kimono Photoshoot, be sure to check them out.

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