FaceApp – The New Gen Photo Editing App For Android

In this article, we are going to discuss one of the most popular photo-editing apps, FaceApp. If you are involved in social media then you might be aware of the FaceApp Challenge where people were posting their hilarious experiments with their photos with the help of FaceApp Apk. FaceApp Apk comes with a lot of fun and amazing features. FaceApp Pro Apk is the premium version of FaceApp Apk. It comes with advanced and extended features.

FaceApp is one of the most popular pictures editing App, that comes with a smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) to beautify or improve your Pictures. Not only this, but you can make some hilarious creations too with this App. Recently, FaceApp has been in trend in social media. The FaceApp challenge made this app one of the most popular photo editing apps.

In the FaceApp challenge, people were posting their hilarious creations with FaceApp App on Social Media. People were looking older, younger, they were swapping the gender in the pictures, etc.

FaceApp comes with a lot of features like gender swap option, Day and Night makeup options, A variety of photo filters, Hair color, and style changing option. With all this, you can also make yourself look older or younger in your photos. You can enjoy a lot more amazing features in FaceApp App.

FaceApp Pro Apk is the Advanced or Premium version of FaceApp Apk. It comes with extended premium features with which you can enjoy more with your pictures. You can also remove the FaceApp Watermark from your pictures. And show them to all your friends.

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Photo Improvement Features

Here are the picture improvement features of the FaceApp Pro APk. You can edit and convert your picture into a professional masterpiece. You can enjoy all the features mentioned below to edit your picture with FaceApp APK.

  • Impression Filters are there to make your selfies Hollywood ready. With these filters, you can make your pictures look professional.
  • The App allows users to change the color of their hair. Also, you can try different hairstyles with FaceApp Pro Apk.
  • Unlike other photo editing apps, FaceApp gives you day and evening makeup options that look perfect and real.
  • Not only for females, but it also provides amazing features for males too. You can add different mustache or beard style on your face.
  • Including all this, you can add a pretty smile on your face.
  • One of the best features that can change your complete picture is the Background replacement feature. You can easily remove or replace the background of any picture just with a single tap.
  • The FaceApp Pro APK also allows you to apply different color filters, Blur options and a number of tools are also there to make your picture look professional and beautiful.

Fun Features

Not only the editing or picture improvement features but the FaceApp application also offers some fun features too. You can use fun features to create hilarious pictures with your photos. You can read the list of fun features that are mentioned below. And learn what all you can enjoy with the FaceApp Apk. Have fun!

  • One of the funniest and unique features of the FaceApp App is that it can Swap the gender of a person. That means you can convert a boy into a girl and convert a girl into a boy in their pictures.
  • Next, there is an Artificial Intelligence that you can use to automatically select the best Hair Style and even color for your hairs.
  • With all this, the app also allows you to change the age of a person. You can look older and even younger than your age. Isn’t it cool?
  • If you like tattoos, but don’t have any then FaceApp can give you a little opportunity. You can add realistic tattoos to your body.
  • AI or Artificial Intelligence will always help you to select the best for you. You can get the best Style with the help of AI.
  • To add more fun for users, there are amazing filters available like Heisenberg filter, Hitman filter, etc. They will help you to make an incredible transformation in your pictures.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Is FaceApp Pro Free?

The FaceApp Apk is free, you can use it on your Android as well as iOS devices for free. However, the FaceApp Pro Apk comes with advanced features and needs a subscription of $3.99/Month. It is the premium version of FaceApp Apk that comes with extended features.

What is FaceApp Pro?

FaceApp is one of the most popular and well-known photo-editing apps. Recently, the app was in trend because of its FaceApp challenge that went viral on social media. You can do a lot of experiments with your pictures and create amazing and hilarious creations as well. FaceApp Pro is the premium or Paid version of FaceApp that comes with extended pro features. If you don’t want to pay for it, then you can use lucky patcher apk to bypass it’s license verification. 

How do I remove a FaceApp watermark?

You can easily remove the Watermark of FaceApp if you have the premium version of FaceApp Apk. You will have to purchase the subscription of FaceApp Pro Apk. You can do it by following the steps given below.

  • Firstly, open the FaceApp App.
  • Then tap on the settings icon. You can find it in the screen’s upper-left corner.
  • After that, tap on the Go Pro option.
  • Select a Subscription plan.
  • Then pay for your subscription.
  • Tap Cross sign (X).
  • Now, disable the Watermark option from there


So, this was all the full guide of FaceApp Pro Apk. We have listed and described all the features of FaceApp Pro. FaceApp Apk is one of the most popular applications that was in trend a few days back. So there are a lot of questions about the FaceApp App that users ask a lot. We have tried to answer them all. You can read the article and download the FaceApp Pro Apk. And create amazing creations with them and show them your friends. 

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