How to Identify a Fake Xiaomi (Mi) Power Bank

Powerbank is a device used for portable recharging of smartphones or other devices. Powerbank is often the leading choice for keeping smartphone and device batteries full. The best Powerbank is made from several companies in China, which are sold freely through online or several outlets, both authorized and distributors.

Xiaomi, for example, is not only known as a smartphone manufacturer, but this company also makes various other accessories, including power banks. Even though they have official outlets, this product from Xiaomi may also be sold online by several people. Even some individuals take advantage of this opportunity to create and sell fake products with the Xiaomi brand as their selling capital. Reporting from the Mi Community page, several things can be identified to distinguish the original Xiaomi power bank product from the fake.

1. Color

Xiaomi Powerbank is only available in 3 color variants black, white, and red. The three also have different capacities, where the black and red variants have 10000mAh of power. As for the white variant, it has a power capacity of 20000mAh. So, if the listed ability is different, then it is certain that the device is fake.

2. Security Code

Furthermore, you can also check the security code in the power bank box. The method is relatively easy, just by rubbing the protective part of the security code to find out the number code used in verification on the page. The system will automatically detect whether the product you have is genuine or fake.

3. Mi Logo

One thing to note is the logo part of the device. The real device’s logo will appear when touched, in contrast to the logo on a fake device that looks like a sticker only.

4. Writing under the Powerbank Body

The original Powerbank will have detailed writing on the bottom of the body of the device. Also, the report will feel rough when you touch it.

5. MicroUSB cable

The micro USB cable for recharging is also worth noting. The original device will appear to be made of strong quality materials, unlike counterfeit goods, which tend to be weaker and riskier when used.

6. Mi Logo in the USB port

It is one of the things that many people rarely realize. If you are more careful, the USB port will show a Mi logo on it.

7. Indicator Light

The indicator light on the original Xiaomi power bank will appear less shining than the indicator on a fake device, said to have a striking light.

8. Charging

On original Xiaomi products, you can charge your smartphone while recharging your power bank device. It is a feature that no other counterfeit product can do.

9.Power Button

The original MiPowerbank has a better-layout power button, the counterfeit devices, which are said to have thin buttons that stick out a bit. Meanwhile, the thing to remember is that buying a counterfeit product will endanger yourself, where sometimes the fake product has a battery that doesn’t fit into the available space. The batteries in these counterfeit products may shake or change positions that can cause a short circuit and explode during use.

According to the PhoneArena and Techjuicie pages, the power bank’s power capacity also needs to be considered. The original device, regardless of any brand, does not have a total of more than 20000mAh. The more significant the existing power capacity will reduce the size of the power bank itself. So if someone mentions a total of 30000mAh or 50000mAh, it is inevitable that it is fake. Also, compare the price offered according to the existing market and the Power Bank device specifications.


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