The 5 best printers for your Mac, I-Pad or I-Phone


Basically we are a big fan of the technical items, which mainly consist of two things named smart phone and computer. We can never imagine our lives without these things. Earlier, the thing we used to know and use was only smart phone. But with the advancement of technology and invention and formation of several manufacturing companies, we divided ourselves as per our favorite manufacturing companies.

And to be honest, two kinds of people exist now in this modern era – the Android users and the iOS users. These two communities are far different from each other as both the Android and iOS provide different specifications and features in their products.

The additional items that can be used with the Android stuffs cannot be used with the iOS stuffs. In fact there are very few items that can coincide with the Android as well as iOS. Similarly, when it comes to printing things from the smart phones or computers, Androids and iOS have their own respective all in one printers. Yeah there are a few which can be connected to both Android and iOS, but here we are talking about the printers that can be solely used with the iOS, and include some few exceptions which are collateral.

Here are some printers which work best with your I-Phone, I-Pad or Mac –

1. HP OfficeJet 250


HP is one of the well known companies when it comes to printing stuffs. And the HP OfficeJet 250 is an all-round printer which can be connected with both Android and iOS. You can print, scan or copy using the OfficeJet and it supports mobile printing as well.

The OfficeJet is portable and as claimed by the makers, it can be carried in your backpack as well (it weighs only 6.5 pounds)! The good news for the iOS users is that it has AirPrint built-in! It has an overall paper capacity of 50 sheets and the battery backup can push it to print about 10 black and white papers per minute and up to 7 color papers per minute. But as battery downs, the capacity drops to nine black papers per minute and six color papers per minute. But guess what! You get an external battery which will increase the print timing up to 90 minutes in emergency. It has a 2.65-inch color touch screen which allows you to swiftly select your printing options, and you can gamble with the settings through the HP ePrint application as well, and it’s available on both Android and iOS.

2. Canon PIXMA TS8350


When you are talking about computer parts, especially printing and you do not include Canon, then you are acting foolish. Canon is one of the best companies in printing items, and the option TS8350 is a great one.

It is a color 3-in-1 inkjet printer and has a sturdy and premium look. And it also has some awesome specifications too! It weighs only 6 pounds and is compact and portable. It has a maximum paper capacity of 100 pages and can print about 15 black papers per minute and 11 color papers per minute. It uses six individual ink cartridges and prints pictures and photos in 4800 x 1200 DPI resolutions. Added to these, it has built-in AirPrint and also features an ePrint app which can be downloaded on both Android and iOS. And, the last thing is that it can automatically print both sides of a page!

3. Canon PIXMA iP110


When we are already talking about Canon, why not take a look at the other options it provides? So here is the PIXMA iP110, a super compact and on-the-go printer.

It is an AirPrint enabled printer which also supports Wi-Fi enabled printing for Android users. It has an optional portable battery and has a fantastic image quality. It prints sharp images with DPI resolutions of 9600 x 2400, and this resolution is applicable for all images and documents. It can print borderless photos in about 4×6 inch resolutions in just 53 seconds, and this was the best among all printers until iX6820 came. And with its 50 pages capacity, it can print 9 black papers per minute and 6 color papers per minute.

4. Canon PIXMA iX6820


Yeah, here is another Canon printer on the list. But believe me, just take a look at the features it has and then decide if it is good or not.

PIXMA iX6820 is an inkjet printer which is known for its compactness. It has an excellent 9600 x 2100 maximum color DPI and can print 4×6 inch mails or 11×17 inch spreadsheets or even larger 13×19 inch borderless charts. It is large and premium and weighs 17.9 pounds, but cannot fit in your backpack like the OfficeJet 250! It can print borderless 4×6 inch photos in 36 seconds, and with a maximum capacity of 100 papers, it can print 14.5 black papers per minute and 10.5 color papers per minute. It is ideal for both office and home usage.

5. Brother HL – L8360CDW


We have talked enough about Canons and HPs, so let us move to something different but well. Here is the Brother HL – L8360CDW.

The LS – 8360CDW offers both wireless and wired printing and is a laser color printer, with a really bulky size! It may not be suitable for home usage but works well for small businesses and offices. It weighs 48.1 pounds and cannot be considered compact at all! It has a 250 sheets capacity and an added 50 sheets multipurpose tray which can print about 33 papers per minute.

It offers low cost printing, with the standard black cartridges printing 3000 pages and the regular three standard color cartridges printing 1800 papers. It also a unique security lock system which allows the administrator to restrict the printer use to about 200 users maximum. It also features an external NFC card reader for printing papers with a NFC compatible card or badge, and this adds a second layer of security to your printing jobs!

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