What to eat before cycling

Lately, the sport of cycling is being loved by Indonesians. Before riding, first, know the healthy foods for cyclists as a provider of energy. Make sure you use hybrid cycle to drive cycle for longer period. During this pandemic, you will see the sight of a group of cyclists filling the road. Yes, cycling seems to be a fun activity this year. This cycling sport is trendy among the older person, young, male to even female.

However, you need to know, when cycling, our bodies need energy for pedaling. Likewise, after cycling, strength, and muscles in the body need to be recovered. It can be obtained by eating foods that are full of nutrients. There are many healthy food options for cyclists. These foods and drinks are also easy to get and can be combined according to individual tastes.

1. Salmon

Salmon is healthy food for the best cyclists because salmon can improve performance while cycling. According to Jay Udani, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor from the University of California, the omega-3 content in salmon plays a role in increasing blood flow.

It also functions to clean inflammatory cells in muscles after cycling. Jay said that eating salmon is good for recovery after cycling exercise. By eating salmon, it can reduce muscle soreness.

For dining tips and ideas, you can try processed salmon mixed with potatoes for lunch or dinner. However, if you have an allergy to salmon, you can replace it with tuna.

2. Green Tea

Before cycling, it’s also a good idea to drink green tea. Consuming green tea can make your cycle faster. A study in Japan has proven this. It’s found in this study that the extract in green tea played an active role in increasing exercise endurance by up to 24%.

Besides, there are also antioxidants called polyphenols to reduce amylase or enzymes that aid digestion. Well, this property continues by regulating sugar levels in the body so that it can prevent harmful energy collisions.

Well, for processing, you can mix fruits such as pineapple and pomegranate in green tea concoctions.

3. Kale

Apart from being able to lose weight, kale is also a healthy food for cyclists. It can speed up muscle movement when pedaling a bicycle. This property of kale has been proven by a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

The researchers found that folate content in kale will later play an active role in improving muscle performance and burning fat from ingested food. Therefore eat kale before exercising on a bicycle.

Or you can include kale in the breakfast menu. If you don’t like kale’s taste, you can also replace it with red beans or other beans to get folate intake.

4. Eggs

Eating eggs can work as a recovery after being tired of cycling. The nutritional content of eggs will repair muscles and refuel the body. That’s because eggs are rich in protein. Well, protein is what will equip the body with amino acids.

Tips for consuming eggs for cyclists is to eat some boiled eggs after the trip as a snack. Or you can also combine other protein-containing foods with carbohydrates for better recovery.

Eating toast with scrambled egg filling seems like a good idea after cycling. In addition to recovery, it can also increase your speed when exercising on a bicycle.

5. Chocolate Milk

The University of Texas has proven that chocolate milk is good for consumption after exercising a bicycle. However, researchers suggest choosing low-fat chocolate milk.

Not only that, but chocolate milk is also rich in potassium and vitamin D, which are good for bone health. Meanwhile, chocolate milk’s water content can play a role in keeping the body hydrated after cycling.

Chocolate milk can be drunk both before and after cycling. Based on the study results, Dr. Ivy, one of the researchers, said that those who drank chocolate milk had more energy than those who did not.


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